“CAPTURE a space in 3D WITHOUT a 3D scanner”

Cupix is a web-base creator for 3D models from photos taken with 360 degree camera. Cupix can be used to build virtual tours and floor plans for Real Estate, Museums and Galleries, Hotels Construction Sites, Renovation Works and more. An intuitive tool to share a 3D tour and monitor your project progress.

Why Cupix?

Fast and Easy

Only 2 steps are needed to create a virtual tour. Just upload 360° photos or videos to cupix’s cloud server. Then, cupix’s cutting-edge software automatically maps locations of hundreds of photos and align them in 3D, and you are ready to impress the world.

Compare and Track Construction

Cupix support  2 sides at the same time comparison between reality and 3D BIM mould, Revit, Navisworks and Sketch up model. With hundreds of location-aligned panoramic photos with different camera angles to receive a chronological record for the site.

Featuring Tools to Complete a Better 3D Model

Different tools like pushpin, 3D text box and hotspot can be added into the 3D model to show specificc facilities and complete a better quality 3D tour. You can also achieve up tp +/-1% higer dimensional measurment in Cupix. This helps you to work more efficiently.

Allow Collaboration

You can work together or share progress with project stakeholders in Cupix. You can directly provide or restrict user access to share the 3D tours with sign-in users and enable real-time disscussion.

Available for Google Map

3D tour created by Cupix can be exported to Google Map directly, as you can virtually-walk the space and look around 360-degree scene in Cupix. So, you can share your 3D tour with the public easily.

Reconstruct the BIM instantly

3D sketch tool allows you to trace wall accurately and help you to complete 2D floor plan drawing quickly. So you can finish both tasks in cupix and help you work more conveniently.

Example Tours On Cupix

Use your imagination and unlock the power of Cupix 3D tours

3D tour for small businesses

Measuring dimension in facilites

Construction project progress monitoring

Compare with a 3D BIM Model

Cupix Packages

Choose the right pack for the right project

Studio Pack

  • Edit photos without leaving the browser
  • Push pin, 3D text such tools to enrich 3D tour
  • Provide and exclusive your tour with the camera animation tool

AEC Pack

  • Track changes during construction process
  • Measure dimension offsite
  • Compare as built 360 degree photo with a 3D BIM
  • 4D track changes: make chronological record

Team Pack

  • Allow collaboration
  • Administrate your team
  • Securely share workspace
  • Read-Write or Review-Only permission
  • Real-time discussion tool

Cupix to your team

The software which fits everyone

Architecture (Designer)

You can show client your idea or design in an interactive way.


Allow you to be fast and accurate through quality assurance.


You can track the construction progress and keep a record for future use.


Allow mark up and collaboration to help you work better.

Experience Cupix